How to get the best price when bidding

Like if this Guide is helpful

First time is the hardest the first thing you see at a great price you bidd on it with out even thinking it's like being a kid in a candy shop with all the good things wright there in front of you.

Well when you see some thing you are after for eg. a digital camera you find the one you like and mark it then you go through the pages and mark all the other camera's that  are the some .  Then you go to the compare all and mark them into your watch list.  From there on you go through and watch them for a day or two to see how high they go and you make shore you stay under that amount because you know that they go for a cheaper price.

***** Now the most important thing to do is do not bidd on it straight  away as you send the price higher you wait till the last minit or two and then bidd I guaranty you will get a cheaper price .

The best thing to do is watch more then one at a time to find the cheapest one.

Hoped this helps to get a better deal on a item....



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