How to get the most from your PC

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Hi today I'll be explaining to you, how to get the most from some free resources online, as well as from software you can purchase online that will assist in maintaining performance. Enjoy!

Ok firstly as you might know the computer needs codecs to play certain video formats, DVD's and audio files now there are codec packs out there you could download but how well do we know what's in these packs, they could contain viruses and other exploits, so heres a good resource, visit and download VLC Player a completely free community built media player including all the codecs you need to play everything you have and will have to play.

Now, if you have broadband speed internet connection and you don't want to pay for Pay TV, here's a treat visit and download the TVU Player which includes hundreds of TV channels that you can click and watch.

Wait for it, has your PC slowed down and have you contributed, YES! every time you add new files, programs etc or remove anything you are changing the way things are sorted out on your hard drive, now head to and under system utilities on the left click on WinOptimizer 6 or later, download the trial and if you like it buy it. It includes a drive cleaner, registry cleaner and internet cleaner. This deletes safely any internet history including personal details, left over files deep inside Windows from uninstalled programs and can defragment the drive with it's on Defrag program to arrange files into order making the systems overall performance and speed improve.

Another great resource is torrents, to download torrents you need a program like uTorrent available for free from then you simply type up a torrent link site such as or type what music or movie you like and click download torrent, uTorrent will automatically do the rest (it's like a specialised download manager for .torrent files from websites). Now torrents are excellent as you can get nearly anything you are looking for, but please know that if a movie or album you like is free the ones that put in the effort to make it aren't getting their share for their efforts so please support the producers and actors that entertain you and buy an original. I guess torrents are a good way of previewing things before you buy them.

That's all hope that's enough to assist a couple of you!

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