How to get the new channel 7 & 10 HD channels

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As you have probably seen on the tv there are some new HD channels being supplied by channel 7 and 10 and we have received heaps of calls from customers asking how they can receive these on their older styled tvs.

It's not only customers that own older styled crt tube tvs but also many that purchased earlier plasma and lcd models that did not come fitted with hd tuners.

The solution is fairly simple to solve but first lets take a quick look at some of the benefits that digital tv offers,

1. More channels, SBS 1 and SBS2, ABC 1 and ABC 2, digital radio broadcasts, New HD channels from 7 and 10 with 9 presumably to follow soon.

2. Widescreen picture format and higher resolution images.

3. Dital sound quality on HD channels and certain programs.

4. Program guides that allow you to see whats on now and showing later.

5. In the past some important events like Bathurst have had multi channels operating allowing different coverages simultaneously with one channel offering standard race coverage and another two offering pit lane and driver cam coverage.

6. Hdmi and component video connectivety to improve your systems capabilty.

Now lets work out how you can get these benefits if you tv doesnt have a hd tuner on board. In the majority of cases all that is required is a seperate HD digital set top box and a few cables. If you are only plugging the set top into a tv directly then all you require are some hook up leads and an extra antenna rf lead to get it working. Exactly what leads will depend on the age of your tv and the inputs the tv has on it. If you are planning on placing with your surround sound system then additional digital audio leads such as fiber optic or digital coax may also be needed.

All in all it is a fairly simple and painless process to add one of these set top boxes and it will certainly save you having to buy a new tv set for quite some time.

HD Set top boxes range anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars right up to the $800 - $1000 mark for something very special. It would be recommended that you have a chat with your local specialist hi fi store to best ascertain which is the right one for your needs and what leads are required for your existing equipment and they can probably arrange installation for you if you dont feel confident doing it yourself.

Because tv has changed format from the square styled 4:3 ratio to the widescreen 16:9 format you may want to experiment a little with the different aspect ratio controls on the set top so you end up with the right amount of screen area with image without making everyone look like they weight 400kgs. Likewise if it is set the other way then everyone looks 8 feet tall and this makes it all very difficult to watch, it is amazing how many paople are watching tv sets which are totally out of aspect.

Another quick point is to ensure that the digital audio out is set correctly if the set top is hooked into a sound system so the unit outputs the correct format of sound to best suit the type of sound system.

If it all becomes a little to much then i suggest a quick visit to your local specialist hi fi store or you can contact us for assistance at Aussie Hi Fi on (07) 3823 1111 and one of our professional staff will be more than happy to help.


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