How to get the right spinning bike for you...

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In the comfort of your own home, you can experience the feeling of being on a road bike. Same as the ones you see at the GYM! The Bike has been designed to adjust to your ideal riding position. Complete with an incremental resistance adjustment knoband stopping or adjusting your workout intensity is easy. This is a great way to work the legs, thighs and buttocks! Mixed with a healthy eating plan, spinning on your spin bike will have you feeling like an athlete in no time at all!

Spinning is a term for indoor, stationary cycling. Spin bikes include different elements such as:
           Racing handlebars
           Pedals with shoes straps so that you don't slip
           Adjustable bike seat and adjustable handle bar crank.
           Computer that monitor different aspect of exercising: time, distance, calories, heart rate

This is great, because it's important that you are sitting in the right position for maximum comfort and results. The intensity of your spinning workout session on the spin bike can be adjusted with either a resistance knob or gear lever. Usually a good quality spin bike come with a gear lever which offers up to 7 gear changes for harder workouts.
While spinning classes are very popular, more and more people are buying spin bikes for home use as time restraints, and hectic lifestyles make it very difficult to get to scheduled spinning classes on time. 

Using an exercise spinning bike will provide you with several benefits. It will improve your physical fitness, tone your muscles and help you to lose weight with a proper diet as well.
You see, I am just an average mother who wanted to change the way she looks. Unlike a personal fitness trainer who knows all the in’s and out’s of how the body works and has never had 3 inches of fat on their body in their life...I personally understand how it feels to be fat. I know the feelings and the thoughts that go with it.
And trust me ...they are not that good…

People of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy spinning on the spin bike and because the impact is so low, if you're after an exercise program that doesn't add stress to the joints, but still want to burn maximum calories, then a spinning exercise program may be what you're after!
Like all exercise programs, start out with a warm up and gradually build up speed and resistance as your fitness levels increase!

  • The warm up phase:
     This stage helps get the blood flowing around and the muscles working properly. It also reduce the risk of cramp and muscle injury, It is advisable to do a few stretching. Be careful not to force your muscles into a stretch, If it hurts, STOP immedialty.


  •  The exercise phase:
    This is the stage where you put the effort in. After regular use, your muscles will become more flexible. It’s very important to maintain a steady tempo throughout. A spinning exercise routine using your spin bike will work out a few different muscles groups. These include the quadriceps (thighs), hamstrings (back of the thighs), hips, gluteus maximus (bum), and abdominal muscles. As you can see...your spinning exercise routine can really get great results if you go for it!
    Spinning indoors on your spin bike is a perfect way to exercise all year round because you never have to worry about the weather. You can watch TV, read a book or really ramp it up for an intense training session! It all depends on what results you really want to achieve during your exercise sessions.
    Make sure your seat is in the right position and the handlebars have been adjusted to suit you. Your knees should be slightly bent when positioned at the bottom of the stroke pedal. Your elbows should be slightly bent, with your arms a comfortable distance from the handlebars. Keep adjusting them until you've got it right!
    You should definitely invest into a proper cycling short as you may need the extra padding after a long work out. ! For those looking for an exercise that really works your bum, riding on a spin bike will definitely give you fantastic results! By the way, make sure you drink plenty of water during your spinning exercise program.  It’s crucial!


  • Toning Muscles:
     To tone your muscle while you are on the spin bike, you will need to have the resistance set quiet high. This will put more stain on your muscles and legs. It also means that you won’t train as long as you would like. If you are also trying to improve your fitness, you need to alter your training program. You should train as normal during the warm-up and cool down phases, but towards the end of the exercise phase, you should increase resistance making your legs work harder. The important factor here is the amount of effort you put in. The longer you work the more calories you burn. Effectively this is the same as if you were training to improve your fitness level, the difference is your goals.


  •  The cool down phase:
    This is the stage to let your Cardio-vascular system and muscles wind down. It is advisable to train at least 3 times a week and if possible space your work-out throughout the week.

 My name's Mareva and I wanted to share with you my weight loss experience, because  I know that there are a lot of people out there in the same situation as I was, and I ‘m sure that I can make a difference today helping others reaching their goals in life.
Thanks for stopping by and reading my guide. For more information drop by my eBay store and check out what a quality Spin Bike should look like.

To your weight loss success,


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