How to get the top 100 reviewer icon on eBay?

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How to get the top 100 reviewer icon on eBay?

The Top Reviewer icon on eBay is given to those people who either write reviews or guides on eBay, or write both these valuable resources. Once you have written a review or a guide, these will be read by other visitors to the site. If any person finds your review or guide helpful, they have the option of voting it as a helpful review. While most people may not cast their vote even if they did find your review about a product, or a guide on eBay useful, there are hundreds of visitors who will vote. Once your review or guide has gotten at least a minimum of 100 such helpful votes from other readers, only then will you be eligible for a Top Reviewer icon.

Whether you are given the Top Reviewer icon, the top 100 reviewer icon, the top 1000 icon, or even the top 5000 reviewer icon will depend on your ratings. Of all the people who have written reviews or guides in a particular category, if you are within the top 100 of all those people, then you will be given the Top 100 Reviewer icon. It has been seen that a helpful and valuable guide will get a lot more views and votes than any review ever could. Thus, if you too wish to receive a top 100 reviewer icon, you should consider writing a great guide on any topic that is popular on eBay. eBay policies do not allow copied guides to be posted, thus make sure you have written an original guide.  

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