How to give a memorable present for an 18th / 21st

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Do you want to give someone a memorable 18th or 21st Birthday gift? Then try these simple steps:
  • Think about the person and try to give them someone that is special to them eg Someone who is always on the mobile phone might like a special mobile phone holder. Mad about Footy might like something with their special team logo.
  • A memorable object would be a coin dated in the year they were born.  It could be made into an earring or a belly button ring.
  • If they have the space give them a tree they can plant in honour of their birthday and for a special touch add an engraved plaque with their name and birthday to mark the tree.
  • Ask around the other guests and band together to buy something big that is maybe too expensive for one person to buy.
  • You could also ask around to make sure that you aren't buying the same thing as someone else. After all how many glasses can one person drink out of?
  • Make sure your gift is wrapped beautifully.  For guys that are into water - you can always wrap the gift in a beach towel.
Or make up your own basket/box of survival tools. You can add some of the following:
  • A wand so all their wishes can come true
  • A toothpick for small wedgies and a fork for big ones
  • Some books from the bank for Financial Advice
  • A comic for when they need a laugh
  • Chocolates because every girl needs chocolates sometime
  • Aspirin for the hangover
  • Batteries in case they need energising
  • Bandaids for mending broken hearts
  • Minties for those moments when you need them
  • A ruler to help you follow the rules
  • An umbrella because if you always follow the rules and never go out in the rain then you will never get anywhere
And you get the idea.

I am sure you can make up lots more additions to your own survival gifts that will mean a lot to that special person who is turning 18 or 21. Have fun today out there in ebayland.
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