How to grab a Bargain, safely and surely (well almost)

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So you have found something you really want, and it's a bargain, so what do you do. Well, you don't rush in and bid on it, that's definatly a no-no if you wish to keep the price low.

Firstly, check the origion and the postage. It's not much good buying it at an bargain price if you have to spend a fortune to get it. Happy? the next step; check on the seller's rating. Now, if it isn't 100 %, then find and read the negative responses because sometimes buyers leave negative reponses for trivial and petty reasons. Still happy, do we bid now? NO! Get that mouse away from the "Bid Now" button and down to the "Watch this Item" button, and do just that. If it has hours or days to go, periodically check on the bidding history.

Well the day dawns, now do we bid? Sorry, not yet.

With about 5 minutes to go, make sure you are logged in, keep refreshing the page to see what, if any, activity is happening. This is the best part, exciting, isn't it! We wait, and with less than 1 minute to go,30 seconds if your heart can stand it, and the item is still within your price range, then, bid  THE AMOUNT YOU ARE PREPARED TO SPEND, bearing in mind the postage charges. I has been my experience that , in the majority of cases, you will pay much less than that.

If, of course, you are a seller, then you hope for continual bidding to force up the price, and you will hope my advice will never see the light of day!


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