How to grip a Razor Pro, Razor A & Madd scooter decks

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Gripping a Scooter

What you need

  1. Turpentine
  2. Methylated Spirits
  3. Razor blade or sharp knife
  4. Griptape which you can get here in my eBay store
  5. Scooter which you can get in my eBay store

and a steady hand!

Razor Pro

  • Remove the current griptape
  • Clean the deck and make sure it is free of any dirt and grease. You can do this buy using Terpentine to remove any tough oils and grease around the folding mechanism and brake areas, followed by Methylated Spirits to help wipe free the left over Turpentine that will effect the glue on the grip.
  • If the griptape has a stencil on the back, cut around the line to get the appropriate shape then peel off the paper and apply to the deck of your scooter. If there is any imperfections with your scissor job just trim any overhanging edges with a razor blade. Be careful! You can also trim any raised areas around the folding mechanism or brake.
  • If there is no stencil, line up the griptape along side the scooter and make an upward fold from one side to the other side of the griptape roughly behind the folding mechanism so you can apply the grip making sure you make the distance up the side of the folding mechanism. Peel the paper from the end with fold just past the fold and place the fold into position behind the folding mechanism. Once in place remove the rest of the paper and lay it down on the scooter deck until you meet the brake. Get a razor blade or sharp knife and cut down the side of the brake and folding frame so the rest of the griptape can lay down on the scooter deck then trim off any overhanging edges and cut off the piece over the brake.
  • Fold paper from the back of griptape and rub down the grip. Paper may slide better on itself when folded one way or the other.
  • Job done.

Razor A

  • The process for the Razor A is the same as the Razor Pro. Just remember to line up the griptape alongside the scooter if there is no stencil on the back of the griptape. You may want to cut along the back of the folding mechanism where it sits on the scooter deck as it is not at the same level and moisture may get in and your griptape could come off sooner than later.

Madd Gear

  • Once again it is vertualy the same as the Razor scooters. The only difference will be around the folding mechanism where you can get the grip to cover part the way between the folding frame.


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