How to identify if your Kathy Van Zeeland bag is a fake

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How to identify if the Kathy Van Zeeland bag is a fake

Being a lover of Kathy Van Zeeland bags, I am becoming extremely frustrated with the amount of fake Kathy Van Zeeland bags out there. Although the brand is not as high end as your Jimmy Choo's or Gucci's, Kathy Van Zeeland fakes and replicas are being sold out there to unsuspecting buyers.

Spot it:

1.  Key Fob
        Kathy Van Zeeland bags will always have a signature decorative Key fob with her crown symbol.
        If it doesn't have one, it is a fake or the seller has taken it off to be sold seperately.

2. Zippers and metal buttons
        The metal on the zippers and metal buttons should match the metal made from the Key Fob

3. Logos
       Kathy Van Zeeland bags have an excessive amount of logos on her bag.
        You can find the pocket book logo on the bottom of the bag, and crowns on the buttons and zippers.
        The logo is also found on the tag  inside of the bag and the lining of the inside of the bag.

4. Lining
       The lining of the bag is always patterned. It's not always minature handbags, it can be flowers as well.
        However if the picture doesn't show the lining of the bag, it could be a fake as this is a sure sign of a Kathy Van Zeeland fake.

5. material
       Kathy Van Zeeland bags are made of synthetic leather, cotton and patent leather etc (hence the cheaper         'designer' bag price). 
        If a listing claims it is 100% leather, the seller doesn't know what they're talking about and I would be highly suspicious of their other claims '100% authentic'     'genuine' etc.

It's always good to identify the above characteristics of a bag before buying it. I personally would never buy a Kathy Van Zeeland handbag if it didn't mean all of the above 5 points.

I hope this guide has been useful to you.

Happy Shopping!
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