How to improve the décor of your bedroom

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How to improve the décor of your bedroom by making it look and feel luxuriously inviting

There are many tricks of the trade in making your bedroom look and feel more desirable. It is incredibly important to do so because we spend a third of our lives sleeping. If our sleeping environment is not inviting, relaxing and calming, essentially it can interfere with a good night’s sleep, therefore result in a lack of enthusiasm and drive for the other two thirds of our lives. 

Here are a few simple tips to help dress up your bedroom that will fit anyone’s budget.

Pillows, Cushions and Shams

Pillows now come in a great deal of sizes, shapes and styles and it is easy to get confused on which are the best pillows to buy. The two most common pillows are the Standard also known as the Sleeping pillow and the European/Continental pillow. Sleeping Pillows are 50cm x 70cm and as the sound, are the pillows your head sleeps on at night. The European Pillows are 70cm x 70cm and are commonly used for decorative purposes, however many people use them to sit up in bed and read.

You can then use an assortment of decorative pillows to help finish off the bed. Try and use decorative pillows that match and/or compliment your bedspread.

It is recommended to use pillow shams as oppose to pillow cases. Pillow Shams are similar to pillow cases however they have a flange or a lip around the edging which basically helps to make it look more polished and presentable.


Many people use neutral colours and/or whites for their sheets sets, doona covers and bedspreads.  They will generally suit any decor and it is easier to splash a little colour using the aid of cushions, shams and throws. Throws are an excellent way, not only to give you extra warmth on those winter nights, they effortlessly help finish off the bed.


These days, many retailers are stocking curtains that match bedspreads. For those crafty people out there, you could go to a crafts shop, find a material that would suit your bedroom décor and make your own curtains.
Please be mindful, if you were to sell your home in Australia, Curtains are considered to be a fixture and fitting to the property. If you have special curtains that match your bed, please make sure you tell the real estate agent and purchaser that the curtains are not included in the sale price.

I hope you have found this information helpful and if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.

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