How to increase the life of your shaver foil & cutter

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How to increase the life of your shaver head, foil & cutter!

Lubrication is important specially on the first use.

  • When you purchase a new replacement shaver foil and cutter lubricate it with non-toxic standard appliance oil or special shaver lubricant oil such as Norelco AL80 Lubricant Oil. On subsequent use the natural oil found on the skin will continue to lubricate the foil.
  • During a shave if you feel that the foil or comb are heating up too much then the shaver needs some lubrication. A drop of oil will do the trick.
  • Keep shaver heads clean and dry when possible.

Follow these simple steps and your shaver will give you a better shave for a longer time. New quality foils can last up to 18 months and combs up to 24 months, after that it is recommended to change them.


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