How to install a car alarm

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Preparing for the Installation Steps:

1. Gather materials. You will need side cutters, crimps, solder, soldering iron, test light, drill, screws and a multimeter.

2. Read the installation manual that comes with the alarm.

3. Call us to find out what kind of locking system your car uses and what color wire to connect to in order to interface the lock/unlock feature of your alarm.

4. Ask us how to hook up the relay for the immobiliser.

5. Ask us how to set up the voltmeter to test the door lock wires.

6. Ask us how to access the factory door triggers.

7. Determine where you intend to place the components by referring to the installation manual.

The Installation Steps:

1. Mount the siren to a solid metal surface under the hood. Point the horn of the siren down toward the ground so that moisture cannot collect inside it. Drill a hole through a rubber grommet in the firewall of the car and feed the siren's wire through that hole into the passenger compartment of the car.

2. Plug all the wiring into the module and tape them together neatly to start your loom.

3. Make sure everything looks neat and the module is secure.

4. Mount the shock sensor as described in the manual.

5. Drill a hole in the dash where you intend to place the LED status indicator. 6. Locate the wires that work the car's power door locks.

7. Connect the lock/unlock wires.

8. Connect the door trigger

9. Connect indicators.

10. Connect boot trigger.

11. Connect earth.

12. Find the starter wire on the steering column some inches below the starter switch. Cut the line and connect the starter disable relay. Connect the starter disable wire from the alarm to the relay.

13. Mount the valet switch somewhere under the dash.

14. Connect all the wires to the proper inputs and outputs of the alarm module.

15. Connect power last. 

16. Use cable ties to secure the wires of the harness under the dash.

17. Arm the alarm and test its performance.

Tips: When you arm the alarm, the doors should lock. Disarm the alarm, and the doors should unlock. Arm the alarm again and open a door, thed alarm should sound. Disarm the alarm, close the door and re-arm the alarm. Hit the car with your hand. The alarm should sound. Disarm the alarm. Arm the alarm and try to start the car. You should be unable to start the car. If the alarm does not work properly, check your wiring and connections and try again. If you are new to installing car alarms, you probably have noticed there is no specific manual to installing them for your car. Location is critical. Out of sight, yet not out of sound, shock or view. There is no need to pay $100 an hour to have it installed in your car when you can do it yourself for free and gain knowledge and experience.

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