How to install laptop screen

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Hey guys - this guide will show you how to install a simple 15.6" laptop screen and remove the broken or cracked laptop screen.

First up - you need the following tools.

1 x Philips head screw driver

For most 15.6" screens all you need is the simple Philips head screw driver.  The smaller size the better to suit basic electronics.

Step 1.

1.  Remove the laptop screen bezel - most bezels will have screws on the corners - some models like in the video below don't, so you simple just pull it out with your hands.

2. Once the bezel is removed you will the laptop screen is held in between '2 arms' they are the hinge arms.  Check the sides of the arms for screws.  Remove these screws with a screw driver.  Once you have checked there are no screws from the LCD Laptop Screen you can 

3. Gently fold the laptop screen forward and rest it on the keyboard.

4.   Now you should see a plug connecting to you screen at the bottom or top.  Gently remove the sticker over the plug and remove the plug from the lcd.

5. Now if you have already purchased your laptop screen, connect your new screen up.  If you still need to purchase your notebook lcd you need to look at the back of the part and search eBay for the part number on the back of the panel.

6.  Once you have plugged everything up - do the reverse of these instructions.  If you are unsure - please follow the step by step guide in the video provided.

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