How to install / replace a PS3 Ultra Slim Hard Drive - CECH 400xx

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These are as quick and easy to install as all other models of PlayStation 3's (Honestly anyone can do it), just in a different position. You will need to take the whole side off to access hdd and caddy. As always, be sure to back up all data before changing your hard drive, or else you will lose any saved data (game saves, trophies ect.) See our guide or the offical sony website for more information on backing up data.

1. Turn off the system.
Obviously we dont want the system running.

2. Unplug the AC power cord, and then disconnect the other cables from the system.

For safety reasons, remove the plug for the power cord from the electrical outlet, probably easier to unplug the other cables as well.

3. Take off the HDD / Side cover
This slides forward and pops off. In some ultra slim models you will need to push at the front of the side panel and pull back on the back of the side. Please consult your manual if not sure, better to check than break / chip your side cover.

4. Remove the Hard Disk Drive.

Remove the single screw, and gently pull the handle to remove the HDD and caddy (mounting bracket).

4. Install the new hard disk drive.

Remove the 4 screws holding the HDD in place. Put the new HDD in the caddy (mounting bracket), open the HDD bay cover and insert the HDD into your PS3. Replace the HDD / side cover.

5. Reinstall the system software.

After the hard disk has been replaced, the system software must be reinstalled

Remeber to back up before installing a new Hard Drive Disk as once gone you cant retrieve your game saves or tropies ect. Still can't believe Sony only put a 12G HDD in some of these, not really big enough at all.

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