How to keep cats out of indoor plants

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How to keep cats out of indoor plants

Cats are adorable. If you are an indoor plant loving person, maybe cats are not that adorable for you. There's nothing more enticing to cats than lush indoor plants, but many plants are toxic to cats and can cause stomach upset or even death if ingested. Members of the lily family, oleander and dieffenbachia are especially dangerous for cats. Although no one knows exactly why cats eat plants, veterinarian Dr. Nicholas Dodman speculates that plants are attractive to cats because they provide dietary fiber and aid in digestion, including passing hairballs. If you love your plants or if you love your cats and does not want them to get sick over eating plants, then better know these tips how to keep cats out of indoor plants.

Tip 1:
Diversion tactics. Cat grass will satisfy your cats' craving for greenery. Plant the grass in a large pot that won't topple over while the cats are munching. To make your cats' indoor garden even more inviting, add some catnip, valerian or catmint plants. Pet supply stores and online retailers sell cat grass and seeds.

Tip 2:
Discourage the senses. Spray the leaves of indoor plants with a bottled hot sauce or another product that tastes bitter and unpleasant to cats. Pet supply stores stock products that discourage cats from eating indoor plants.

Tip 3:
Keep distance. Use hanging baskets or put your indoor plants up high where the cats can't get to them.

Tip 4:
Do it the hard way. Cover the soil of indoor plants with small, smooth river rocks, pebbles, screen wire or weed fabric to keep cats from digging. To position the wire or weed fabric, cut a slit or hole in it and slip it around the plant; put a thin layer of soil on top so the cats can't move it out of the way.

Tip 5:
Shocking experience. Put an electronic deterrent that creates a mild tingling sensation around your pots. The cats won't like the feeling underfoot and will stay away from the plants. Pet supply stores stock electronic cat deterrents.

Knowing how to keep cats out of indoor plants works both ways as it saves your plants and saves the cat. 

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