How to keep your Thai silk lustrous

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I get daily queries from people looking for information on how to store and care for their fabrics - whether they be top-line vintage fabrics or modern fabrics like those chosen by Akira Isogawa or Alannah Hill.

I will be building up these guides over time - for now, this one is about the washing of that silk of all silks - Thai silk.

How to keep your Thai silk lustrous...

1. Dry-cleaning your fabric is best.

2. But you can home wash it! To handwash...dissolve mild detergent in water, soak the silk a little then slowly move it up and down in the water. Do not scrub. Lift it out of the water, don't wring or twist. Rinse thoroughly in your hands underneath a running tap and place on a hanger to drip dry. For best effect finish with a very dilute starch before drip drying. Iron while nearly 80% dry.

3. Important - do NOT machine wash.

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