How to keep your nails healthy and long

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Do you have problems with keeping your nails long? are you a nail biter? are your nails just not growing?

Well i have a few tips that have helped me.

i have been using a nail buffer or nail shiner block which helps with ridges and smooths the nail and leaves it shiny and helps protect yor nails. The good ones uaually have 3 different sides and i find the block ones easier to use than the files.

Also creative cuticle eraser is great for the overgrown cuticles and skin, as it makes it easy to remove and push back with a orange stick. If the cuticle eraser is not available just use some hand cream.Try to use a good hand cream such as Jurlique hand cream, renew hand and nail cream preferably one with oil in it as this really helps your nails grow.

Another tip when you have a ragged nail  is to file nails only in one direction. Wild filing can wear down, and thus weaken, the nail. Hold the nail file at an angle to the nail edge and gently file in the same direction. If you tend to have brittle or cracked nails, it is better to file nails into a square instead of pointed shape. This more evenly distributes the daily pressure on the nails so they will not break as easily.

hope that this has helped,this is my first attempt at a guide!

Thanks for looking, and happy ebaying!


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