How to know if your getting scamed on Ebay, AU ver

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I am going to talk about getting scamed on ebay it happens that's life and it could happen to you the best way to not get scamed is to know what to look for from a seller and note , "Buyers " Will also scam sometimes buy being a non paying bidder , Well anyway there are about 3 to 5 red flags for a scaming seller i will note these now ,

1 . Check the feedbacks of a seller always do this make sure you check the feedbacks look for neg feedbacks this could be a scamer .

2 . Watch out for ebayers from one country trying to sell an item in a other country and having it shipped from some other country away from where there selling from . Like a seller lists a item on the United States ebay and is from China but says the item will be shipped from India . This could be a scaming seller . Most ebayers " Note not all but some " Sellers from China scam by charging super high shipping or  won't send it at all .

3. Watch out for low and new ebayers some with very low feedbacks and selling high priced items over 500.00 US Dollars watch out .Could be a scam .

4. Check the sellers normal shipping time by the feedback stars this could tell a long story about the seller .

5. I would say you should use paypal on any international order or any order over 500.00 USD .

So if you do get scamed you can file a cliam with paypal and get you money back . Watch out ebayers .

Binkey2000 .



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