How to look out for OUTRAGEOUS SHIPPING on eBay?

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How to look out for OUTRAGEOUS SHIPPING on eBay?

Charging outrageous shipping on an eBay item has become one of the leading scams on eBay. Since eBay does not charge the seller any fees on the shipping charge component of their listing, some sellers are getting into the habit of keeping the item cost really low, but exaggerating the shipping charges considerably. Thus, they end up paying a small fee to eBay and PayPal, but still get to profit from their outrageous shipping charges.

As a buyer, here are some tips that will help you look out for high shipping costs:

- If the cost of the item is ridiculously low, please beware that it could be a case of outrageous shipping. Thus, do not be in a hurry to buy the item immediately, but please take the time to click on the shipping charges and see what the exact costs are. For example, if a product has a Buy It Now price of $20 but the shipping on the same is $35, then you should know you are being ripped and should look at other listings.
- Sometimes a high shipping charge could be genuine. Thus, to know whether or not you are being scammed, you can simply use one of the online calculators for postage to judge what the shipping cost of a particular product should be. If the shipping cost mentioned by the seller is within the ballpark of what you have calculated, you can rest assured that you are not being charged outrageous shipping and vice versa.

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