How to maintain your MADD Gear or Razor Pro Scooter

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How to maintain your MADD Gear or Pro Razor Scooter - the short and sweet guide.

The purpose of this guide is to briefly explain how to increase the lifespan of your Pro Razor scooter
just by doing some simple maintenance.

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Wheels of any durometer will wear out, given enough mileage. There's only so much polyurethane on your wheels,
while there's thousands of kilometres of asphalt out there.

In general, your wheels are due for maintenance when your scooter is much slower and not rolling as smoothly as
when new. The inside edges will wear more quickly, which you will eventually notice.

There are two things you can do to get the most from your wheels:

1.    Rotate and Flip. Rotating your wheels means to switch the positions of the wheels.
Different positions (like the rear wheel) receive varying amounts of wear. By rotating the wheels,
you can even out the wear on each wheel.

Flipping your wheels means to turn each wheel so that the worn edge now faces the outside.
This lets you wear down the other edge of the wheels.

2.    While you're rotating and flipping your wheels, you might as well wipe off your frame, rails,
wheels and bearings with a damp cloth.

Some people wipe down their scooters every time they go out, even if they don't do any rotation, but
I recommend you do it at least every time you rotate your wheels. This keeps the amount of dirt on
your scooters and wheels to a minimum, which helps keeps grit out of your bearings.

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