How to make Lavender Soaps

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How to make Lavender Soaps 

Lavender Soap

For microwave: Cut 250gm white Renascent melt and pour glycerin soap into cubes, and place into a microwave jug set on 70-80% power for 2 minutes, and if necessary short intervals until the soap is completely melted.

For stove top: Cut as above, and melt over very low heat until melted. On a gas stove, you may need a diffuser.

Continue for both methods: When melted, add 3 teaspoons water, some dye until you see the desired colour, then add essential oil and stir. Allow to cool slightly and pour into moulds It is best to leave overnight and carve up the next day.

Yoghurt and other food containers - fill to about 2.5cm for a shapely soap.
Cardboard/paper milk and juice containers - tear away and then slice as you desire.
Plumbers pipe - use plastic at the base and rubber band, then cut into slices.
Plastic food storage containers - mould and cut.

For a marbled look: melt one lot of white with one lot of coloured soap - pour in the white, wait one minute, then the other through it very slowly.

Transparent: ask for transparent melt and pour glycerin soap and combine this with the white for great contrast.

Renascent College stock all your melt & pour soap supplies (no palm oil, high quality, lovely to use), including soap base, natural pigments, cosmetic shimmers, fragrances, essential oils, beautiful moulds.

Try the Amethyst silicone soap mould with the Lavender soap - lovely!

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