How to make a baby hand or foot print without a mess

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How to make a baby hand or foot print without a mess

Have you wanted to make a hand or foot print of you child but are worried about the potential mess?  The traditional method is to use paint which may not only get on the desired location but on the walls and floor as well.  Even water based paints can be difficult to remove from some surfaces.

There is also the problem of young children putting their hands in their mouths and the potential of toxic paint chemicals entering their bodies.  Even if you wash their hands afterwards paint can remain underneath the fingernails and be released over time.  There is also the problem of applying too much paint which turns the print in to a smeary mess.

Luckily there is a new product which solves all of these problems.  Belly Art’s Baby Inkless Print Kit is amazing, allowing parents to capture baby’s detailed hand and footprints in seconds with no messy ink, no paint or clean up.

How does it work?

Simply wipe the baby’s foot or hand with the non toxic inkless wipe, press onto the specially treated paper and hey presto, within 10-15 seconds a perfect print appears, no mess, no fuss! Baby hand or foot stays clean and dry while every adorable wrinkle and line is captured forever.

The kit enables you to take up to 4 sets or hand or foot prints at one time. Your precious print is permanent and can be framed, digitally scanned for thank you cards, scrapbooking and are ideal mementos for your precious baby book or can be applied to the Belly Art range of merchandise.

The Inkless Print System is safe and easy to use from birth and is used in maternity hospitals across the USA for newborn identification.

To make it even easier to do the prints wait untill your child falls asleep.  Be careful when uncurling your child's fingers so they do not wake up.

These inkless print kits are available from

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