How to make a belly cast of pregnant belly

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Belly Art Casting Kit
Motherhood is one of the most miraculous experiences and times of a woman’s life and it may be that you want to salvage as many memories as possible from your pregnancy. Many others do this by journaling or taking a mirage of photos, gleaming with their bellies as a reminder of these magical months. Now there is another unique way to cherish the memories of your pregnancy.

Belly Art DIY Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit is a safe and non-toxic formula based plaster that uses only the best materials and allows expectant mothers to cast a replica model of their bellies for long lasting memories for years to come. The company also boasts that they are the only one in existence that uses Gesso, a primer that is essential to most artists.

Each kit that is sold includes everything a mum to be needs to make a smooth and detailed cast of her expectant belly. The kit includes:
•    A 15 cm plastic roller
•    1 jar of Vaseline
•    A paintbrush for detailing
•    180 ml jar of Gesso
•    Instructions

While other similar products are sold on the market, the Belly Art DIY Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit is the only one that users high grade Gesso for a smooth and flawless finish and does not use any harsh chemicals that could be irritating to the skin.  The amount of plaster and products within the kit are plentiful enough to cover large bellies, although expectant mothers of twins are encouraged to order two kits to ensure that there is enough to cover the entire area.

Using the Belly Art kit is simple and a full set of instructions are included. Essentially the instructions cover the five easy steps which includes cutting the plaster into small strips (and later placed into warm water) which can then be easily applied to the belly area. It is also recommended that you coat the entire belly with petroleum jelly which is also included and will help to remove the cast once dried easier as well as protect the skin.

The cast which takes only minutes to prep and apply should then remain on the belly for about 15 minutes after which it can be carefully removed and should set for an additional 24 hours to dry thoroughly.
While some women choose to leave their cast plain and white, others want to decorate it (brush is included) with paints after it hardens.  

Many people have reviewed the Belly Art DIY Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit as being easy to use and well worth the money spent, as it affords mothers to be a unique and creative way to preserve and remember this awesome time and experience. These kits also make for a great gift for mothers to be!

The Belly Art DIY Pregnancy Belly Casting Kits are available from our ebay store

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