How to make a personalised book for your baby

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Thinking of something special to make for your baby or toddler that they will treasure forever? 

A wonderful keepsake for your child is to make your own book for them. But how you may ask?

Well, you don't even have to be crafty to do this one! All you need are some photos, coloured card, and some decorations.

Firstly, you may like to make a book about your child's daily acitivities, called "My Day". Take some photos of the general things you do during the course of a typical day. Photos may include things such as having breakfast, brushing teeth, going for a walk, going shopping, taking big brother/sister to school, visiting friends etc.

Buy some coloured card (from your local craft store, Lincraft, ebay etc). Print out the photos and stick them individually on a piece of card, and write underneath a description of the activity eg. "Joey brushes his teeth after eating a meal" or "Joey and mummy walk Sarah to school each morning". You may choose to either handwrite these captions or type them up.

Then decorate the page with anything you choose- get creative! You could use stickers, some pictures cut out from magazines, old books, newspapers, ribbons, glitter the list goes on!

Then, laminate your page and group the pages together by hole-punching two opposite ends and threading ribbon through.

Then voila! Your child will have a special book just for them which they will absolutely love!

You could make books on different topics, including a family holiday, special occasion friends and family.

Your child will adore looking at pictures of familiar things- such a cheap and easy way of entertaining your child, teaching them language skills in the process and doing something special for them that they will treasure for a long long time.

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