How to make an Indoor Bulb Garden

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How to make an Indoor Bulb Garden.

How to make an indoor bulb garden may be perceived by others as a complicated task. But it is a simple activity which one may consider as a hobby. Indoor flower gardens brighten up any room they are in. Fresh flowers are a wonderful addition to any living space and by assembling a bulb garden, they will continue to grow season after season. If you live in an apartment, this type of flowering bulb garden is perfect and it is also great for gift giving.

Before starting the project, make sure you have the following materials:

3 to 4-inch deep container Plastic liner
Potting soil
Flowering bulbs
Small hand trowel
Double-sided tape

The instructions below are for how to make an indoor bulb garden. Always remember to have a First Aid Kit and practice Safety First precautions.

First Step:
Choose bulbs with fragrance which will add to the freshness of a room where the container is displayed. For this purpose, hyacinths are perfect for this type of garden and can be combined with crocuses, tulips and daffodils.

Second Step:
To fit the container, line the container with a plastic liner or cut plastic sheeting. If you're using plastic sheeting, affix the plastic around the interior of the container using the double-sided tape to secure it. Make sure the water won't seep through the plastic.

Third Step:
Using the potting soil, fill the container half way. Add water to the soil to moisten it. Place the bulbs into the wet soil with the root end pointed downward. Put the bulbs into place and fill around them with more soil.

Fourth Step:
Compress the soil in place allowing ample space between bulbs for insertion of a small plant stake. Flowers that bulb have long stems and tend to be top-heavy. A guide stick will assist the plant to stay upright when flowering.

Fifth Step:
Water the bulbs after planting and then add water sparingly so they will grow well .Be careful not to overwater in order not to develop root rot or fungus.

If you follow the aforementioned steps properly, you would realize that how to make an indoor bulb garden is just a breeze.

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