How to make an Origami Swan

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While origami has evolved a little since it's inception, the basic principle of origami is to fold paper to form objects. Now days, glue and scissors are seen in the making of origami. Origami in general is a great hobby for improving thinking skills. In this guide i will step-by-step explain how to make an Origami Swan, simply by folding a piece of square paper, as it was supposed to be ;).

1. Fold a square piece of paper in half, then unfold.

2. Fold edges to the center crease forming a diamond.

3. Turn the paper over. Similarly again, fold both edges towards the center crease.

4. Fold the pointy edge of the paper upwards to form the neck. Pick how large you want the Swan's neck to be before folding.

5. Similarly, fold the pointy top of the neck back forwards to make the head.

6. Now lift the head up, and you are done! Your swan should look like that in the picture.

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