How to make the most of mowing your lawns.

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Understandably, mowing the lawns can seem like an unpleasant job to do. The sun's in the sky beaming down with it's UV rays and unbearable heat. Some areas even come with stifling humidity. Whew, You could break a sweat just thinking about.

Mowing the lawns isn't really something you can ignore, unless, of course, you want a wild grass and weed jungle in your backyard; making it the perfect home for snakes and other unwelcome guests. Since it's a job that needs to be done you can either hire someone else to do it for you, grudgingly do it yourself, or enjoy mowing the lawns.

Frankly, I enjoy mowing the lawns in almost any weather. except in rain or with wet grass. Now, if you're one of the people who grudgingly get out there after your wife, girlfriend or landlord have been demanding for days for you to do them, then here's a couple of tips that should make life, and mowing the lawns, a little easier for you.

First thing's first;

  • If you're going out into the sun and you think you'll be sweating a lot drink a large glass of water, or two glasses even.
  • Take a moment to look at you lawns before you get started. Take note of how it looks, how untidy it is. Don't skip this step because it's amazing how much difference it really makes.
  • Next, make sure you have plenty of water either in the fridge or in the shade close to where you'll be mowing. Alternatively you can you the hose as your source of water. I normally use the hose while I'm mowing because, personally, I've found that if I have icy water while I'm hot and sweating I get light headed. Once I'm done I'll sit down and have cold water from the fridge. Cool, but not cold, water is OK while your mowing also.
  • If you don't have any then buy a set of ear muffs or plugs and put them on before you begin mowing. You should be able to buy a bunch of ear plugs from a hardware store rather cheap. Your hearing cannot be repaired so take good care of it.
  • Do the old "Slip, Slop, Slap. Slip on a shirt, Slop on sunscreen, Slap on a hat!" and DO NOT forget a pair of safety glasses; sungalsses will do fine if you don't have any. I would also suggest a pair of long pants to stop debri cutting up your legs and of course, closed shoes.
  • If you have a whipper-snipper/weed-wacker/brush-cutter/edge-trimmer, then do the edges first. In no particular order; go along the gutter/road side, along the fences, around the house, around trees and gardens and any other items in and around your yard. Doing this first puts most of the clippings on the lawn and you later pick it up with the mower.
  • Sweep or use a blower to get the rest of the clippings that didn't make it on to the lawn. Places this might happen would be the driveway or patio.
  • Have a short break, grab some water, a little breather. Don't take too long or you won't want to get the job done.
  • Now start the mower. I believe it helps if you mow the lawns in sections. If you come to an external corner, say the corner of the house, don't go around the corner but instead go straight ahead and complete the section you've just made before you go onto mowing the next area.
  • When ever you feel you need it grab the water bottle or the hose and take a swig. Try not to put any water on your head while your still in the sun. It might feel good at first but once you get back into the sun it's going to heat up and help to make your head hotter.
  • When you're done drink plenty of water. You might notice I keep telling you to drink water. If you don't you will collapse from dehydration and believe me, that's not fun. I collapsed because I hadn't had enough water and then stood back up almost as soon as I hit the ground. Seconds later I collapsed again, then someone helped me into the shade and I was picked up by an ambulance, put on a drip and asked to stay in hospital over night. So take it from someone who's been there, drink LOTS of water especially if it's hot outside.
  • If you feel you need it, have a shower or a swim and change your clothes.
  • Now that everything's done, you've cooled down and hydrated, take another look at your lawns. Wow, don't they look great now? And you did it. Doesn't the smell of freshly cut lawns smell great?

So you see, by protecting yourself from flying debri, the sun's harsh rays and drinking plenty of water you take away alot of the pain and exertion of mowing lawns. Don't focus on the bad or negative. Just look at your lawns before and after and when you see the difference you'll feel great. It always brings a smile to my face when I finish mowing a lawn.


If anyone from the Cairns area (in Queensland, Australia) happens to read this, my job is to make your lawns look immaculate. Need the lawns mown or a quote done you can call me on 0413 958 929 to make an appointment.


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