How to make your International purchase a good one.

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After making quite  afew purchases from the USA and Canada, I was amazed to find that buyers are unsure of making an International purchase.

I have had no problems by using a guide I set up for myself. I hope this guide will help you feel more secure about buying from overseas.

  • The first thing I do when I find an item I am interested in is contact the seller, I say hello, and even if they have a postage cost up there, I ask them to confirm it.
  • I check there response time, (please allow 48 hours maximum due to time difference), if they take too long I have found that usually it takes forever to get your package.
  • If I don't get a reply, I don't purchase from them, as I take this as a sign of their productivity.
  • I also ask questions about the item, it's condition, any marks or faults I should know about. If it's clothing, as US sizing is different to ours I ask for measurements. Remember they use inches.
  • After all this is confirmed, I make the purchase, and use paypal only, this protects you as the buyer and them as the seller.
  • DO NOT send a western union money gram.
  • All customs charges are payable by you, but I have yet to be charged with most of my items under $100.
  • Once you have paid, ask your seller kindly to email you the customs number, generally these start with LC in the USA.
  • This number can be put in to the track and confirm on the USPS website to see when and where your item was posted.
  • Items via Airmail or Global Priority generally take 7-10 days to arrive, but if you are worried just keep in touch with your seller.
  • Check your item over once it is recieved, if there are any problems contact the seller, I have found 9 out of 10 to be more than helpful.


I hope this guide has helped a little, buying from overseas is great, and whilst scary at first, it is not much different than buying right here.

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