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Have you ever thought "I saw this great item on ebay but Im just not confident in internet purchases. It could be a fake. It might not be like the picture. I dont trust the seller and am not sure what I will be receiving"

These concenrs ar natural and common. But you shouldn't limit yourself. You could potentially buy great things on ebay at a fraction of the cost - no matter what it is. For the ladies, there are great designer clothes, handbags, various accessories at a fraction of the cost as well as things like lap tops, cameras, etc.

This guide is going to provide a few useful tips on how to limit your risk and trade safely on ebay.

(1) Check the reputation of the seller - More often than not if someone's sold hundreds or thousands of items on ebay and has received positive feedback you can probably trust them. However, take the hint of making sure the feedback is specifically for sales they have made rather than purchases

(2) Communicate with the seller before the auction ends to develop a relationship and see if they are trustworthy and will communicate well during the transaction.

(3) Does the seller enable a paypal payment option (ie a little P in the corner)- this is a safer payment option which allows you to use your credit card as payment without disclosing information to the seller. Also, if something goes wrong paypal has a dispute resolution process not available through other payment methods and may get you your money back. Best of all, Paypal is free for buyers.

(4) Despite common misconceptions, not all goods sold on Ebay are second hand. Many reputable shops sell their goods on ebay - these are brand new and often come with a warranty. If you are looking for brand new goods a little cheaper, check the ebay site of the seller - it will specify whether they are an ebay store.

(5) Look for refundability, specified returns policies or warranty offers. Many sellers offer this and it provides better protection.

(6) When purchasing clothes or accessories, a statement that the item is 'authentic' by a buyer is not a guarantee but a good indication of the quality of the item. If they are especially not using an items' brand name in the description, despite the picture they are using, for example this indicates the item may be counterfeit.

In sum, ebay is a great place to buy and sell and an excellent tool for any not willing to pay ever ballooning retail prices. For the most part, following a few simple precautionary rules, your ebay shopping experience can be really positive.


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