How to open and close European Bracelet Clips?

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Open European Clips

The best way to open the clip is sliding your nail or something that has a thin edge into the slot of the clip, and then the clip will release open with a slight pressure. But sometimes as the clips haven't been used before, one or two clips will be a little hard to use, do not worry, this problem can be solve using a pair of bent nose pliers.
Step1, Just insert the head of the plier into the clip hole, and then gently expand the plier.

Step2, The tight closed clip is open now!

So if you feel your clip is too tight to open, just open and close it 2-3 times, they will work very well, would you kindly have a try again?

Close European Clips
Or if the clip is too loose to be closed, this is might because the clip has been closed and open too many times. It also can be fixed with a few easy steps. 
First is a little introduction for the clips. If the clip is too loose, it will need to notice two place of the clip which have been marked "1" "2". Let's named them "bolt" and "tongue" here.

Secondly, to tight the clip, just use plier to clamp the "bolt"

Thirdly, have a try to close the clip, if you feel it still a little loose. Okay, it seems that we also need to fix the tongue. Use the plier to clip the tongue and then hold it up slightly. Again, try to close the clip and fix it until you feel it work well. ~~
Note: these open and close tips are also useful to open the clasps on European charms bracelets. 

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