How to photograph a Ring. Just like a catalogue EASY!!!

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It's so easy! I learnt this while working with a Diamond setter/Jeweller in the heart of Sydney. YOU NEED; - 1 white bowl eg. cereal bowl with a shiny surface. - Blu-Tac, small amount - Camera - Ring/Jewellery. 1. Stick the blu-tac into the centre bottom of the bowl 2. push the Ring/Jewellery into the Blu-Tac so the gem/face is on top. 3. Using the flash, take a snap. It's that easy. Because of the white bowl, you have no need to photoshop unwanted background out of the photo, also you get a great neutral white background. The bowl acts like a diffuser, dispersing light throughout the shot evenly. Play with distance and exposure settings to get your desired effect. You could use this for photographing gems, rings, or anything which is small and fiddly and hard to hold or set in place to take a photo.
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