How to pick a great bargain artwork on Ebay

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On Ebay art is a buyer's market, but there are a few simple tips to getting yourself a great value artwork at a bargain price.
  • Always put the country of origin in your search. If you just search for "paintings" for example, your search results will get swamped by cheap mass produced paintings from places like China. The artists in third world countries may produce pleasing images, great for decorating hotel rooms, but the works that are sold on Ebay from these overseas art factories have very little original value and are certainly not going to gain value in the future. Make sure you choose the "from Australia" search as a start to finding a unique local product.
  •  There are some wonderful historical artworks which come up on Ebay, so search the era and genre where your interest lies. The first thing you must do when you find an artwork you like the look of is to check out the seller's credentials and feedback. If you buy from a dealer you must realise that they are selling for profit, but a reputable Australian dealer will always guarantee satisfaction. Other individual sellers may be selling artworks from their own collections or from family estates. As a buyer, you can get great bargains from these sellers, but make sure you check out their feedback. Try starting an online conversation with them about the work.
  • I believe that the greatest bargains on Ebay are in buying directly from the artist who produces the works you enjoy. Not only do you have the philanthropic joy of supporting an often struggling emerging artist, but that is the best means of buying a bargain artwork which will increase in value over the years. There are many artists like myself who use Ebay as a means of maintaining a public profile and getting a bit of pocket money. Try searching "Self Representing Artists from Australia". Many capable and qualified Australian artists sell their work on this site and many of their works will become highly valued in the future. Besides, it is much, much cooler to have original Australian art on your walls than yet another dreary commercial impressionist print.

I have been a professional artist for over 30 years. My work ranges over every possible style of art - if you would like to have a look at it, search my website "mobile magic book" for my gallery, or Ebay for Schneider and Art.
I have been selling my artwork on Ebay for about 10 years. I am a graphic designer, have a degree majoring in painting from the Australian National University and am currently doing a masters in Digital Art. I do my share of gallery exhibiting and art comps, but I don't have a dealer. So you could say that Ebay is my fun art outlet, the place I can list and sell the little paintings that I enjoy doing in my spare time. I usually do little experimental watercolour and pen paintings where I can contrast realism and abstraction, like the rear-view zebra below. They are small and easy to post - the thought of selling my big canvases on Ebay always daunts me. I never get a lot of money from the art I sell on Ebay and sometimes I wonder why I bother, but it's always fun to get a bit of feedback and to think of one of my little gems has gone to a good home.

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