How to pick a lock

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Lots of people are interested in how locks are picked, most assume its quick and easy like on T.V, but in actuall fact even the most experienced locksmith can have take upwards of ten minutes to gain entry to a premises.

Even once the method has been mastered on one lock, every lock is keyed differently all have different tollerances and spring pressure, so continued practice is needed.

The most proffesional way to pick a lock is with a hand pick and tension tool, although a pick gun or electric pick gun can also be used, hand picking is more skill and picking with a gun is luck.

The method with a hook pick is to lift each pin individually to the 'shear line' which is about a half a millimetre of space between the core and the housing, you are basically lifting the top pin out of the chamber in the core, once all top pins are out of the core, it can turn freely in the housing.

Picking a lock with a pick gun or electric pick gun can always be identified later by inspecting the bottom pins under a micro-scope you will see a definant identation, with hand picks scratch marks can somtimes be seen after picking.

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