How to play a movie from USB port of the MAYA DVD-606

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This guide is telling you how to player a movie from USB port of a DVD player. Then we don't need to write discs any more, just copy the DivX/Xvid/AVI files to the USB device and play.

There are a few steps we need to take.

To play a movie from USB port of the MAYA DVD-606 DVD player, we need to:

1.       Press ‘USB’ key on the remote to switch to USB mode (we don't need to press any key for DVD-705)


2.       Re-format the USB device to FAT32.

3.       Put the video(DivX/Xvid/AVI) files under the root folder

4.       Hard drive is not recommended, but if we want to use a USB hard drive, an external power is recommended.

5.       New model USB Hard drives has more compact structure and more efficient in power consumption, they works better with the DVD player.
If the player don't recognize the USB hard drive we may need to try another USB device has better compatibility, like MP3 player, USB Pen Drive.

MAYA Upscale High Definition DVD player DVD-606 can upscale standard definition movies like DVD discs or DivX/AVI/Xvid movies to High Definition (1808i/720P). The DVD player is available from my shop as below.

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