How to protect your Identity on Ebay

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In March of 2006 I was shocked when checking my email one evening to recieve listing confirmations from Ebay on more than 60 items, along with 20 'questions to seller' emails from potential buyers ! Since I had no items for sale at the time, I immediately contacted Ebay security.

This 'hacker' had stolen my Ebay identity, using my reputation to sell fraudulent goods,and in the process had accumulated over $1,000 in advertising fees in my name.They had also tried to acess my PayPal account.

Within hours, Ebay Security had resolved the issue.

But how do we protect ourselves from this kind of 'violation' ?

1.Ensure you have reliable, up to date virus protection and firewall installed on your computer.

2.Regularly change passwords on your email and internet banking accounts as well as Ebay & PayPal.

3.Check your nominated email account daily to quickly detect any fraudulent activity.

4.Alert Ebay Security immediately if you suspect fraudulent activity on your account.

Keep your Ebay experience positive and stay alert.

Happy Ebaying !

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