How to put stuff on Ebay

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For those people who saw pictures of what Ebay members put up for bid here is how you put stuff on Ebay.


1.Taking a Picture of yor Item-

To sell an Item all you need to take a picture so that all members know what you are selling as for example look a Thomas Beta Video from the ABC.

It was taken by unsane from the USA.To show proof of the picture thier is background such as bed covers, desks or many things that from thier homes.



Before you sell your Item/s you need to put Information of your Item that you are selling say for example for a Xbox 360 it will say these kinds of words

1x Xbox360 2x Controllers etc.

So that people might know what is on your item before selling.

3.Title Names-

When you sell your Item you need to put a Title on so that People know your Item for a TV guide such as this one right here write the Title of the Item. Remember always write a title of your Item



Tons of people of Ebay made Items that worth money such as a Nokia mobile phone cost $50 Classicl Items that you can't find in shops or the internet worth $100 such as a Railway series book by the Rev.w.awdry in 1945.Always make a price for your Item



When you sell your Item People have to bid for the price E.g $100g

Some people put the price for the Item and then it said to the Member who want the item will say You are the Highest Bidder then an Email will send you that your Product was already bidded



When the person won the item the item that you put on Ebay will have to payed by the winner of thier bid and the shipping so the seller have to put the item in bubble wrap if it's a light shipping such as a Video or a toy it comes by air mail if some is selling it outside of Ebay Australia the air mail is cheap because the winner have won one thing.

Some people used Surface mail as it comes by Ship which takes a few months or weeks to get it to thier country.

Now you know all the rules of Selling stuff you can now get ready to sell stuff on Ebay.




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