How to receive good feedback from me.

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If you are looking for good feedback and 5 Stars in all categories from me, I recommended you read this short guide.
Please tell me how I can improve this guide for everyone's benefit, and I will also add to this guide as my experiences and expectations change.

How accurate was the item description?
  1. Include a photo of the item.  Preferably a focused photo; and one of the SAME item, eg, not of an used item if the one on offer is new.
  2. Include a year of manufacture or original purchase. If unknown, an estimate would be fine.
  3. Spell everything correctly and use correct grammer. I had it when thigns aer speeled wrang. Although, I can understand that non-English speaking translations are not always accurate.
  4. List any damages. Because if item is received and damaged, I will want my money back.
  • Fancy boarders and moving images are not neccessary, but show the extra effort you put into the listing.
How satisfied were you with the seller's communication?
  1. Answer questions within 48 hours. Try your best, as time zones and internet access can sometimes cause problems.
  2. Send an email stating when the items were sent. This will also help the below section.
  3. Check "Request Total" often. As I often use this to communicate for won listings and can go unnoticed.
  4. Double check your personal email account. Although I don't do this, it has happened to me; where emails have been sent DIRECTLY to the personal account and not eBay email.
  5. If you are the seller, leave feedback upon payment. What else are you waiting for?
  • Do not open a case unless you have tried your best, BUT CONTINUE TRYING!
How quickly did the seller post the item?
  1. You will be compared to how long posting times was stated in the listing and corresponding emails.
  • I normally allow 10 working days grace for intertational items, but sooner is excellent.
How reasonable were the postage and handling charges?
  1. Often this is not negotiable, but adhere to the agreed charges; either in the listing or in corresponding email.
  2. I will sometimes enquire about cheaper postage or no insurance to reduce the postage charge, this is a good opportunity make the charge more appealing.
  • The trick is to package items securely and safely, it does not need inflatable air bags or metres of bubble wrap to get a five stars
Final note...

If I leave you with '6 Stars' you must congratulate yourself on achieving the above criteria AND providing exceptional service.
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