How to relieve financial stress literally overnight

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Everything is rising at the moment, interest rates and food prices, and fuel is absolutely rocketing. All nibbling away at our hard earned dollars. Experts are forecasting a soft landing sometime next year that is if interest rates stay high and wage increases stay low! Thanks for the advice, so what are we supposed to live on in the meantime? In this article we look at some sure fire ways of relieving financial stress and how by having a garage sale can put some dollars into your pocket literally overnight.

Learn to Budget Carefully
With all these extra expenses you could easily be spending more than you can earn. Now is really the time to sit down and work out where all your money goes.  Doing a simple budget exercise will tell you exactly what are essential costs (rates, mortgage, credit car repayments, groceries etc) and how much you can actually do without (leisure costs). Have a look on the web, there are hundreds of budget planner downloads available for free.

How to Deal with the Unexpected – Hold a Garage Sale!
Learning to budget on a day-to-day basis is going to relieve a lot of the stress of having to cope financially during difficult economic times. But it’s still not going to be easy to prepare for the bills that arrive out of the blue such as car breakdowns, medical expenses or maybe the rates that have arrived at just the wrong time as they most often do. You might be in desperate need of a holiday break but you simply don’t have that sort of money available. There is one really easy no-stress-way to earn a good lump sum of quick cash and that is to hold a Garage Sale.

Garage Sale - Surefire Money Spinner
A garage sale is the most important of all ways for you to make money. You’ll be surprised to discover just how much you can earn just from selling stuff  lying around you house that simply doesn’t suit you anymore. Some people have been known to make thousands of dollars. You might even get enough to pay the rates and have a holiday. And the whole process is so painless and quick – much quicker and less effort than making dozens of little sales on EBay which can be painstakingly slow. A garage sale is over and done with in one day and you get the money all in your hand at once. One woman has become so addicted to the benefits of garage sales that she attends local auctions and buys items cheaply. Then she holds regular garage sales where she sells and makes good money from selling these her purchased goods at a big mark up.

Declutter Your Life and Make Money
Your garage sale will put you in a win win situation. By getting rid of your accumulated clutter you will end up with more storage space, your house will be tidier and the less stuff you have, the easier and quicker it’s going to be to clean the place.

Be Prepared
Of course there’s no point waiting until you desperately need the money and then throwing a garage sale together having time to think about what you are going to sell. The idea is to plan ahead – you can even begin right now. Start earmarking all your unwanted stuff and putting it aside. Go through your books, your dvds, your videos and your cds. Ask yourself if you will ever read or play a particular item again. If the answer is ‘no’, then put it in a box marked ‘Garage Sale’. Next tackle the storage stuff – the garden shed, the garage, the top shelves in your wardrobe, and what about the kitchen? Doing this sorting job bit by bit will seem like child’s play compared with trying to do it all in a few days. However if your financial need is absolutely here-and-now, with a bit of extra effort you will still be able to hold a successful garage sale, especially if you follow our 7 Steps to Having a Successful Garage Sale.

Gone are the days of advertising in the newspapers. Nowadays almost everything is online, including garage sales. There are quite a few good websites that I've seen that provide some really insightful and useful information, as well as advertising. Be sure to Google 'Garage Sales Australia' as I have advertised with them in the past and found the response quite good. There are a number of other sites that I have come across also that are quite useful. Its great to know that by advertising online I dont have to worry about meeting deadlines and be limited to short 3 line ads. Another important aspect is signage. Be sure to place your signage in areas that are exposed to the best traffic - and of course, make them readable!

More Budgeting Tips
There are also lots of other little things you can do to make your dollar go further. Here’s a few to get you started. You can add your own ideas as you get the hang of serious budgeting.
               Make a shopping list and stick to it.
               Buy clothes at factory outlets 
               Buy groceries in bulk
               Slow-cook cheaper cuts of meats until they are delicious and tender
               Buy your fruit and vegetables in season when they are always cheaper
               Plant your own vegetable garden
               Don’t indulge in retail therapy
               Learn how to recognise the difference between needing something or just wanting it. 

Till the Good Times Roll
Maybe we all need to experience some tough times to make us think about being more careful how we spend what we earn, and to make us more resourceful when it comes to making the extra money we need. So when interest rates finally come down, and things generally get cheaper again we will have become good money managers as well as experienced Garage Sale organisers, which will put us in much stronger position to reap the benefits of the good times.

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