How to replace ALL car lighting with bright LED/Xenon

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This guide will explain how to updgrade all of your car lighting to better, brighter, and more energy efficient light bulbs. Starting with the exterior, at the front of the car are the headlights. The headlight bulbs are easily accessed by opening up the hood, and looking at the rear of the headlight assembly. There will be a cap of some description that you will need to unscrew to access the actual bulb. (There will be a small clip holding the bulb in place. Simply push in and remove.) Now look in your car manual to see which type of bulb you need (eg. H4). Now, log on to and search the "buy" section for "H4 white bulb".

Now that you have beautiful new white headlights, just like a BMW, you should consider replacing the high-beam bulbs (usually H1) and the parking lights or spot lights (is applicable), so that there isnt 2 different types of lighting. Do this is the same way as the normal headlights.

In the Interior, there is the dash lights and the roof light. The roof light is called a "dome" light. Simply unclip roof light cover to access dome bulb. Remove bulb, and measure its length from tip to tip. Then with this measurement, log onto and search for "dome light" and then find the one which is the same size as yours. Simple.

Then for the dash lights, you will need to remove the center console piece (cd player surrounds etc) in order to find the dash light assembly hidden behind the console. It will generally be sitting behind the airconditioning controls (the bits that light up at night). You need to remove the bulb (most commonly a wedge bulb) and measure its base from edge to edge. Log onto and search for "LED wedge". look through results and choose which color you would like, and find one that is the same size as yours.

Enjoy your NEW, awesome looking, energy saving, better, brighter LED/Xenon lights!

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