How to replace Yak Bearings on Razor Pro Scooter wheel

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1. Removing the old bearings from Razor Pro Scooter

  • Remove the wheel and take the wheel axles out (use the standard 5mm Allen key that comes with the scooter.
  • Remove the old bearings, use a punch on a angle, to knock out the bearings from the back.
  • Please note, there is a spacer between the bearings, make sure you keep this spacer you will need it again.
  • If you refit new bearings in a old wheel make sure you clean the wheel before inserting new bearings.

2. Fit new bearings

  • Push the new bearing into the reset of the wheel till they are all the way in.
  • "Note : Don't hit the new bearings with a hammer or any hard objects"
  • If you don't get the bearing in all the way by hand use a flat surface and lay the bearing on it, then push the wheel onto the bearing.
  • Don't forget to insert the spacer before fitting the 2nd bearing.

3. Fitting the wheel back to the scooter

  • Refit the axles screws. TIP: Use a philips head screwdriver from the opposite side to center the spacer. 
  • As the spacer is centered the axial srew will puch all the way through.
  • Tighten the axial screw and you are off and running again.

I hope above instruction helped to make it easy for you to replace your new bearings.

If you in need of any Yak wheels or Yak bearings, please visit our shop. To our Shop

If you have any queries please drop us a line.

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