How to save money with AirAsia when travelling in Asia

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Budget traveller's rejoice. There's a low cost airline in Asia called AirAsia that has connections all over South East Asia that could eventually save you hundreds of dollars in travel fare.

Some example of routes flown and comparison with normal commercial airline such as Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways:
Bangkok to Singapore = Airasia at $105 compared with $245 USD usual - savings of about 52%
Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok = Airasia at $120 compared with $300 USD on Malaysia Airlines - savings of 60%
Bangkok to Hanoi = Airasia at $200 compared with $303 USD on AirFrance - savings of 33%

They have several main hubs that will transfer you in and around Asian countries. Therefore you could fly in on the major commercial airline say SFO to Bangkok. Then from Bangkok you'd have connections to all over these countries, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, southern China cities, Indonesia and even a flight into Gold Coast, Australia.

Main hubs with the most connections: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur.
Their website:
You can have a play at destinations and dates and it will show the actual prices in real-time. This is a great tool to plan and re-check prices.

They also have a budget hotel going from 3 USD (if you booked early) at:
Plan your holidays early and you could shave alot out of your travel expenses. Imagine at least 3-4 countries you plan to hop around in Asia, and each time you're saving $100 USD (based on the above estimates) that is at least $400 USD saved. Enough for a free IPOD.

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