How to save on raising a baby!

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The baby is on it's way. What can you do to make sure the hit to your hip pocket is reduced? These are examples on what you can do to help you cope. Not all examples may apply.

  • Start trying to live on one wage. Squirrel part of the "spare" wage into a High Bearing At Call account e.g. an ING account. Come the time you DO only have one wage, you'll be used to the idea, AND have something in reserve for an emergency.
  • Buy something each week/fortnight. It doesn't have to be clothes. It can be the basics, like baby wipes, baby shampoo etc. This also includes things you may need in the first month of being at home with your new bubby.
  • Compare prices on different sizes e.g. calculate a price per nappy. Smaller packs may be easier to store, but hit your pocket harder. Look for specials.
  • Remember that cheaper may not neccessarily be better on your pocket. Sometimes paying a dollar more gets a product that copes better.
  • Get tips from other parents for what they use, be open to trying new products.
  • All those lovely expensive toys can be wonderful, but sometimes the best entertainment for a child can be a couple of old plastic food containers and some lids.
  • And remember, baby clothes doesn't have to be designer label for it to look good. If you do want designer label stuff, look here on eBay!

This is only a small sample of what I've learned in the last 5 years. Hope it helps!

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