How to save up to 30% when buying a long 15m HDMI Cable

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We know there are many sellers offering HDMI cables, but their stock is usually limited to a handful of common lengths - typically a 2m, 5m 10m and 15m offering. SIGWELL is proud to offer high quality HDMI cables with the widest range of lengths available anywhere.

Chances are, that if you need a cable to run more than 10 meters, but less than 15m, you can save money, and the clutter of excess cable, by choosing an HDMI cable that is more appropriate for your needs. If 10m won't do, but 11m is a perfect length, don't pay for the extra 4m unnecessarily. You can save money with every meter that is unrequired, so even a 14m cable is cheaper than a 15m.

You can find direct links to our HDMI 11-15m cable listings on eBay below:


Remember: If a cable is too short, it simply won't work, as the cable can't stretch between the devices to be connected. If a cable is too long, you end up with excess cable that can cause cable clutter, and it can even introduce signal interference in extreme circumstances. When choosing a cable, find the length you need and then add a little slack to allow for cable bends, and so that you can easily remove and replace the cable if you need to access any the rear of either of the connected devices.

All of our HDMI cables adhere to or exceed the latest HDMI specifications, and they use AWG wiring that is appropriate for each respective length, so you can be sure that you'll get excellent results whether you're transferring a signal over 50cm, or 15m - and everything in between.

You can save even more by finding our cables on sale. We frequently discount certain lengths, so  sign up for our Store newsletter and stay informed...

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