How to save yourself alot of money when listing Items

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Hello, my Name is Adam and I would like to save you some money and help those listing fees from getting out of control. All prices have gone up from the ones quoted.
When you place a listing on eBay you are asked a series of questions, starting with your main category. Using the eBay guide it’s rather easy to list an appropriate and accurate category. Then you are asked if you would like to list in a second category. BE CAREFUL. This is an added cost and the FEE will vary. If you have found the perfect first category then don’t LIST in a second one. I recommend you use the sub title extra, cost 49 cents its great value. It adds that little more info to the person who is just browsing.

When it comes to your Item being NEW or USED tell the truth.

When it comes to your item descriptions go to town. List size, weight, color, shape, dimensions, textures, smells, actions and age. If you think it can do it, then list it. This is where you will sell your item. Include how rare, limited, Special your Item is, anything you may think is relevant to your Item. Please remember to keep it Honest.

Use the bold, italicize, and underline features when you are writing your description to make key words stand out from the rest. Don’t be afraid to use: numbers (1 2 3 4), special features, use weird fonts and font sizes, colours. There are many cool and free ways to make your description something that stands out. Be aware, when using colors, don’t go overboard. One or two colours are enough, using a lot of different colours can look unprofessional. It just takes a little time and practice.

When you are happy with your description spell check it and continue.

Starting Price:   Keep it low (99 cents). This will keep your initial listing fee low, and it will encourage bidders. Remember that the cost of listing should be factored into the overall price.
The ‘buy it now’ feature costs 10 cents, do you really need it?
Schedule it to sell later feature. This is very handy if you work late and you don’t want the item listed at some strange time in the morning. Remember it costs 20 cents per listing.
Choose your photos well. The first one is free and the rest cost 25 cents each, so unless you have heaps of features two photos should do the trick. Ebay offer a very easy to use photo editor. Use it. It is free and effective.
Click continue wait for any photos to upload.
A good extra to remember at this time is the gallery option cost is 59 cents. It adds a small picture to your listing. This helps attract buyers that would otherwise pass your listing for the one with the photo. I think its top value.
The basic upgrade kit is GREAT value at 99 cents. It incorporates a subtitle, gallery listing, using it will save you 19 cents.
Please remember to be careful with these upgrade and extras listed below.
BOLD it costs 2.00 dollars
Boarder cost $2.49
Highlights they cost 3.00 dollars
Don’t tick the ‘remember my selection below’ button. This will add all those extras on every item you list.

Use these features when you really need to make your listing stand out. Make the selection manually, do it for every listing you want these extras for. They do cost a lot of money.
The ‘home page’ feature at $49.95 is costly and only useful for those special items.
The ‘promote your listing’ feature at $19.95 is also costly, so best kept for that special item.
If you can, always offer alternative payment methods complimenting PayPal. For example Direct Deposit, Money or Postal Orders, Personal Bank Cheque, (please remember don’t post your item off until it Clears.)
REMEMBER to PREVIEW YOUR LISTING check for any mistakes. Make sure all is ok click continue CHECK THE TOTAL ADDED LISTING FEES
For every added category your listing fees will double. For example, you have chosen
(Coins . Australian . One Dollar) this is your first category
(Coins . Australian . Commemorative) this is your second category. THIS line doubles your fees.
If you are happy then submit your listing and good luck with your sales!
The average listing with good item description a sub total 2 pictures and the basic upgrade pack should cost between $1.50 and $3.00

Thanks for Reading this and I hope it can save you some money as well as make things easier.



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