How to sell on e-bay

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Guide to how to sell on e-bay:

If like me, you are at home and would like extra income, you could sell the items from around the home that you no longer use.  Start one room at a time and find what you no longer want or use.  Only sell items that you can post.  Go to e-bay and key in the item description and look at past sales to see if they have sold and for how much.  Then take a digital photo of the item and list it on e-bay.  If it's a popular item, I list it at 99cents because you will get the most bids at a lower starting price.  It's best to use gallery but I wouldn't bother with any of the other costly features.  List it for 10 days ending on the weekend, like Sunday as most people look on the weekend and are likely to see your listing.    Try and describe the item as much as possible, especially in the title description because if some-one is doing a search for size 10 black jeans and you have only said jeans, you item won't come up in their search. Include measurements in c.m. for clothing and shoes.   Do not exaggerate how good it is if it isn't.  Every one hates a worn once description and when you get the item it is half worn out or has a hole or something else wrong with it.  Be as honest as possible, you don't want negative feedback which will affect all of your future sales.  Do not over price your postage, but add a little extra on it as every-one does and you are then covered if you under estimated it and it also covers bubble wrap, stick-tape and boxes.  Advertise it world wide and add paypal as a form of payment.  It will increase your selling price, but only if the item is a favourite e.g. Doc martens, ipods, mobiles.  For plain clothing I wouldn't bother advertising it overseas. 

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