How to sell things on ebay effeciently

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I'm not an master of seller on ebay, but I want to share some of my experiences of selling things on ebay with all of you. To me, eBay is a very dynamic market place that you can sell anything but if you don't know what to do before you list your items, you may never sell it. But there is an exception which is listing at $0.99 may still get sold.
First step is to research about your items on eBay to see if there is any listing for the same item or similar. This will give you these kind of information below
  • a. to find out what price and how many bids those listings got, if available. This will give you the idea of how many people on eBay is looking for your items
  • b. to find out how those listings decorated to attract people on eBay. It is true that most people on eBay know exactly what they are bidding for but poor decorated and less information listings still get less bids.
  • c. to find out what is the most appropriate first listing price to setup, this will save you heaps of money. You will not be worry to set the auction at $0.99 if you know your items are hot, in the other hand, you may loose your items for lower price if they are not hot "enough".
  • d. to find out what is the highest offer that you will accept for those who want to buy it now option.
  • e. to find out what kind of time frame you should set up to save your time. The longer time that you list your items, the longer you will get your money into your pocket.
How do you go about to find out those information?
  • a. Type your item's name into Search box on eBay and enter.
  • b. If your item doesn't have a branch name or you don't know its branch name, then type in meaningful words
  • c. Or you can browse eBay categories items, but this will take heaps of time to go through all of them
  • d. Pick Australia as location, checked Completed listing option and Show button
  • e. Look for all Green completed listing and work out the lowest and highest sold price.
  • f. Unchecked the Completed option to see how many of them are for sale at the moment
  • g. Decide what price to put up for your items
The next step is to list your items
  • a. Description about your item must be clearly described
  • b. Condition of your items with closeup photos, it should be the actual items photos
  • c. Pickup is available or not. If you don't provide pickup then people will think you are selling as an middle man
  • d. Postage fee must be appropriate, you can not charge $50 for what you will send in a $20 satchel.
  • e. How you will receive payment? Paypal :(, bank deposit :), COD :~|
Those steps are just basic things to do before you list your items. I know there are lots of professional seller out there and they know better things to do but before they share their knowledge, let stick to this steps then. Hope this will help someone like myself.
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