How to sell your car on ebay

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How to sell your car on ebay

Your car is parked in your driveway and you want to achieve the best possible price as quickly as possible. From market research to prepping the car for viewing. From how to post your ad and safely interacting with buyers to sitting back and knowing you made a fair sale for both the buyer and yourself. Selling your car can be a rewarding experience.

1.  Register with an account on eBay if you don’t already have one.

2.  Take some time to familiarise yourself with the eBay Motors since it is a little different than their main page. You should see what other cars are being sold in your area and looked at 'Advanced Search' under completed listings to see how to price your car.

3. Use a digital camera to take photographs of the car. When taking the photographs, spend special attention on any dents or damage in the car, especially on the body.  Also, look at taking shots of the car from every angle (Drivers, Passenger, Rear, Front, Quarter, inside boot, under bonnet). Once you've taken 'close-ups', start getting creative! Ask yourself, why should someone buy my car? What type of person will be interested in buying it? When taking photographs or your car it's important to choose the correct location. You need a location which matches the characteristics of the vehicle. Don't be lazy and take shots of the car in your driveway. If it's a SUV, take the car down to the beach at sunset and get some creative shots. If an Estate, take some 'lifestyle' shots showing how a surfboard, bike or skis fit in the boot.

4.  When writing copy about the car think about the 'tone of voice'. Be as honest as possible. State the condition of the car,  past history, any problems with the car on the interior or exterior and any relevant information about the vehicle that might not be visible from the photos. Add all the service details/dates (if known). Talk about the experiences you've had with your car, if your car has a name - add it. Buyers are not only looking at the quality of the vehicle but the quality of you the seller. If you add 4 lines of text - you'll not get much interest in the car.

5.  Answer any questions as soon as a buyer asks and be as honest as possible. You may have buyers who want to see the car in person or take a test drive and if it helps make the sale, you should agree. Once the auction ends you simply need to wait for payment.

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