How to set up buyer requirements & restricting a bidder

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Have you ever had a non-paying bidder?  Have you had a PayPal claim filed against you because an international bidder claimed to not have received an item?  Did you unknowingly sell an item to a bidder with a negative feedback score only to suffer a non payment and possibly a negative feedback against you?   This is only a few scenarios of what a "difficult buyer" is synonymous of doing to a hard working seller like yourself. 

Did you know you can specify buyer requirements to manage the type of buyers who can bid on your items?  Oh yes you can!  Doing so reduces your exposure to buyers who might make sales difficult for the same sense it also reduces the number of potential bidders for your items.  To me, it's worth it.  You can specify buyer requirements for all your listings or you can specify the buyer requirements only for a particular item.  This guide will walk you through the steps on setting your account to add buyer requirements.

  1. In My Ebay, under the Account tab, click the "Site preferences" link.
  2. In the Buyer requirements section, click the "Show" link and then the "Edit" link.  The Buyer Requirement page opens.
  3. Select your buyer requirements.  For example, you might not want to do business with buyers who:
  • Are registered in countries to which you don't ship
  • Have a negative feedback score
  • Have received unpaid strikes
  • Have reportedly violated eBay policies
  • Are currently winning or have bought a large number of your items in the last 10 days
  • Do not have a PayPal account
     4.  If you want to apply these settings to all current and future listings select the " Apply above settings to current and future listings" check box.
     5.  Click the " Submit" button to save your requirements

To add buyer requirements for a specific listing, you can specify your requirements on the Sell Your Item page.

All this information is available in the eBay help section

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