How to spice up your About Me page and auctions

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All the fancy fonts, pictures and colors you see on some auctions and About Me pages are created in HTML. It's a simple 'language' to learn, and once you get the hang of it you'll be able to go crazy customising all your pages! Have a look below for various ways in which you can spice things up. You can use these tags in your auctions as well as in your About Me pages - basically anywhere that gives you a textbox to type in HTML :) Just copy and paste any of the codes below, and modify as necessary.

Font sizes

<font size=1>this font will look tiny</font>
<font size=2>this font is small</font>
<font size=3>this is medium-sized font</font>
<font size=4>this is larger font</font>
<font size=5>this is big font</font>
<font size=6>this is huge looking font</font>

Font color

<font color=red>This text will be red</font>
<font color=blue>This text will be blue</font>
<font color=green>This text will be green</font>

Font style

<B>bold font</B>
<I>italic font</I>
<TT>typewriter font</TT>

YOU CAN COMBINE TAGS TOO:  <B><I>bold and italic font</I></B>

Other little things

<HR> - draws a line across the page
<BR> - starts text on the next line.
<CENTER>text is centered here</CENTER>

Creating a link

<A HREF="">eBay Australia</A>

There are many more great things you can do with HTML, the above is just a small sample to start you off. If you are interested in finding out more, try doing a search on how to learn HTML to read up on this topic!

Happy customising! :)

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