How to spot FAKE AppleCare - MUST READ

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There are a number of guidelines you should follow when buying AppleCare from eBay.

The most important thing is NEVER purchase a simple digital download code without a box or serial number. Codes like this may of been obtained via a key-generator or stolen credit cards.

The image below is a photo of a genuine AppleCare Box. Note the serial number on the top right (blacked out).

A genuine AppleCare package will be plastic sealed and appear professionally printed.

What works for the sellers of these codes is that Apple will accept the code when you enter them on the Apple site. After the sale, you leave positive feedback. Cheap AppleCare. All good.

After a couple of months, Apple may void your registration because the code is either determined to be fake, or the real code has appeared or, the seller has obtained a refund on the orignal AppleCare. If your claim is outside the 45day purchase date, you cannot claim from Paypal. You lose your AppleCare and may lost the ability to purchase AppleCare again if your 12 month Apple warranty period expires.

Be aware also of fake boxes also. Custom printed boxes don't have the serial number for the purchase (it should be on the outside).

Here are some guidelines to stay smart:

- When you receive your AppleCare code, call Apple and confirm your code and serial number are valid. NEVER buy a code if the seller wont give you the serial number on the box it came in - CRITICALLY IMPORTANT!
- If you receive a boxed package - check to see if the serial number is on the outside. Call AppleCare and let them know the serial number and if it is valid.

Another SCAM:

Sellers are buying real Applecare packages and selling the codes to customers for half price.
The customer receives the code and activates it and after a few months the seller applies for a refund on the unused AppleCare! The seller will get their money back and the customer will lose any remaining warranty and will have no ability to get their money back from the seller.

If the customer contacts Apple, Apple will ask to see a receipt and the serial number of the packaged box.


ALWAYS ask for the box.
ALWAYS ask for the serial number of the box.
ALWAYS get a receipt from an Authorised Reseller.
ALWAYS read the feedback carefully, look for posts that say: "first code didn't work but second one did" or similar
ALWAYS look for similar wordings or designs in eBay ads as a number of scammers have more than one account.

Here is a site that will help you determine your Apple Warranty Status.

BUT NOTE! Just because your AppleCare code works today doesn't mean it will work in 12/24/36 months.

Apple are aware of fake AppleCare and may one day demand proof of purchase for all Warranty work on your Mac. No proof, no repair. In 2 years when your Apple Macbook Pro suffers a faulty screen or motherboard and you have a $2000 repair bill, you're bargain AppleCare may not seem so cheap when Apple refuse to accept your fake AppleCare simply because it worked when you first bought it.

Please contact us on if you have ever had a bad experience with AppleCare.


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